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ARAMIS still has its original boom.  It is about 3.70m in length and made of English Spruce. It is fitted with a roller furling system made by Gibb of England.


The roller furling system (which could also be used for reefing) has not been used since the early nineties when the sail plan was changed (see Sail Plan Changed).


We presume that it could be refurbished if a non-battened mainsail was reinstated.

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A handle with a square drive would have been used on this shaft to furl the sail.

The boom circa 1975.

This handle moves the outhaul along a threaded bar.


Originally, furling the sail would have meant opening this latch such that the sail slides could fall off the track.


The height of the boom can be adjusted using this track. Although this  serves little purpose with the current sail-plan.

The boom today, showing the slab reefing system. The "lazy" sail  bag left loose to reveal the boom.

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This photo was taken prior to the reefing blocks being fitted (see photo below)