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Companionway Window

At the time of purchase, the only way of keeping the elements out of ARAMIS was to insert the two interlocking washboards as shown on the right.


Whilst this keeps the cabin dry, it severely cuts the light entering the cabin.


Moreover, when under way, putting the washboards in, completely cuts off the watch crew from those resting below.


For comfort and safety reasons, we therefore fabricated a transparent washboard that could be used during bad weather at anchor and whilst underway in the wet stuff.


Conscious of the fact that at sea the washboard might potentially take a wave, we chose the thickest Perspex (acrylic) that would comfortably drop into the available slot - 15mm.


To avoid scratching, the panel is stored under the port sea-berth cushion.


We have made a protective bag to take the two wooden washboards as they normally end up in the bottom of one of the cockpit lockers throughout most of the summer.


Washboards Washboards2

Right is the insert in action during a rare (honest) grey day in the Med.


When fitted at sea, the "passengers" below should at least be able to see if the watch crewman is trailing behind the boat on his lifeline.

The above photo pre-dates the deck and coach roof resturation.