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Richard D. Carlson

Feb. 14, 1924 - Nov. 24, 2014

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ARAMIS was constructed to a 30' Richard Carlson design.


Richard D Carlson (Dick) began his design career with Philip Rhodes in New York City after serving in the Navy during World War II.


He opened his own firm in 1955 based in Shelter Island, NY.


His first design to attract attention was the 24' (7.30 m) CUTLASS. It was originally aimed at the membership of the recently formed Midget Ocean Racing Club (MORC), of which Dick was a member.


With it's separate fin keel and rudder, light displacement and reverse sheer, the design was very different form the standards of the day. The design was fast, easy to handle and, for a sub 30' sailboat, offered better accommodation than its contemporaries.


The CUTLASS was available in cruising and racing versions including a glass fibre option.


Some 35 Cutlass 24s where constructed by Gallart in Spain in the mid 50s in strip-planking.


ARAMIS is essentially an enlarged version of CUTLASS 24 and was constructed using techniques and materials similar to those used on the wooden versions of smaller CUTLASS.


You can see many similarities in the hull shape and over all concept by comparing the CUTLASS plans with those of ARAMIS.



The same 30-foot design was licensed, with minor changes, to North Coast Marine & Engineering Ltd. in Canada and manufactured in glass fibre as the North Coast 30.


Windward Marine Ltd. also in Canada produced a similar vessel known as the Windward 30.


It is not know how may boats were made to this design, nor how many remain sailing.


It is possible that Windward 30s where still being made as recently as 1986.

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Windward 30

North Coast 30

Carlson Gallart 30 boat show publicity 1965

Cutlass 24

Dick Carlson circa 2010

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The Cutlass and "30" designs went on to spawn the bigger, more cruising oriented, Shelter Island 33.


Richard Carlson´s own "33" survived an impact with a US submarine, the USS Corporal, in September 1967 as reported by the US Navy and subsequently by the US magazine Motor Boating.


One hopes that ARAMIS´ is equally sturdy in such circumstances!

Motor Boating Oct 1967

Motor Boating Magazine, Oct. 1967

Collision. USS

US Navy Incident Report on Richard Carlson´s Collision