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The AD2 fitted to ARAMIS is slightly non-standard.  The design shows a gear driven water pump incorporating two impellers; one providing cooling water and the other a bilge pump.


On ARAMIS, the combined pump has been blanked off and replaced by a single belt driven cooling water pump mounted high up on a bracket.


It is not known if this was done by the shipyard, perhaps to reduce overall length, or a later modification due to mechanical problems.


The current pump is a Jabsco CW403 fitted with a flow reduction cam. This replaced the now obsolete Jabsco 6490 that was fitted when we purchased the vessel.


You can see in the photos on the far left, that a bracket has been fitted over the blanking plate to carry the manual starter pump mechanism.  This arrangement is not seen on the above photos taken in 1995.




ARAMIS is still fitted with its original engine, a 2-cylinder, 4-stroke, raw water cooled diesel with push-rod operated overhead valves, delivering 16hp (DIN).


The unit, an AD2, was designed and manufactured in Sweden by Albin.  It is sufficient to cruise at 5.5 knots with a maximum speed in smooth seas of 6.5 knots.


This model was used widely in small fishing vessels, life boats and pleasure craft from 1925 until the early 1970s. Perhaps some 30 000 units where sold.


The installation on ARAMIS drives through an optional reduction gear which gives a 2:1 reduction.


In the seventies, the AD2 design was replaced by the almost identical but slightly more powerful AD21. It seems that the main development was a revised clutch and reverse gear. The AD2, as fitted to ARAMIS, has a multi-plate wet clutch with a planetary type reverse gear actuated by a brake-band, whereas the AD21 a cog based self-adjusting patented design.


The design provided much input to the Volvo Penta MD6 and MD6A with which Albin were associated (we think).

Engine_1995_2 AD2-spec-thumb Magblue


AD2 technical data.

The normal pump arrangement

The pump fitted to ARAMIS


Although the engine had the option of anti-vibration mountings, the shipyard chose to rigidly mount the engine to a sturdy frame bolted through the hull.  Whilst this probably adds to noise and vibration, it does alleviate the need for maintenance of the rubber blocks and a flexible propeller shaft coupling. Moreover, as long as everything is kept well aligned, the stern gland and Cutless™ bearing probably wear less with a rigid system.


The engine sits under the companion way "step"

The engine 2017

Following are a few service reference items :


As the engine is essentially in the main cabin, so it can raise the cabin temperature somewhat. Although the engine has never overheated, we always have the engine blowers on when the engine is running in the summer, otherwise the heat soak into the cabin overnight can make sleeping less comfortable.


We have added additional sound and heat insulation where possible, particularly on the starboard side to protect the refrigerator cabinet.


The engine blower takes air in through the port forward dorade and through a conduit to the engine compartment.  Air exits through two vents in the cockpit.


One of the exits is forced by a fan in the engine compartment that extracts hot air above the alternator. We have found that the alternator is a major source of heat.


The inlet blower fan is under the port sea berth close to where the conduit enters the engine compartment - see electrical systems for further information.

The AD2 start, max revs. and idle


Engine ventilation outlets in cockpit

Engine ventilation dorade

The engine instruments were upgraded during rewiring to show oil pressure, temperature and the alternator output voltage.


Visual and audio alarms indicate low oil pressure, cooling water above 70C and no charging.


The instruments are visible in the starboard cockpit locker and are illuminated when the steaming navigation light is on.


There is no engine hours indicator.

Fuel filter -  FRAM PH966B,   MANN W712


2x one on the water separator on the fuel tank outlet, and one on the engine.

Oil Filter - FRAM C1191A, Volvo 3581078,

              MANN P917X

The ignition and starter switch are in a single key switch alongside the engine instruments.



The starter pump is actuated by pulling out this black knob.


Pulling the red knob stops the engine.


SAE30 mono-grade oil.


This is used for the engine, reduction gear box and injector pump.


It is extremely important that mono-grade is used to avoid the wet clutch slipping.

Fan belt.


Since the water pump was replace due to obsolescence, a Vee-belt of 1275mm is required.


This is tensioned using the alternator mounting bracket.


Conduit through heads compartment

Conduit under port setee berth

The original has been replaced by a blanking plate.

The engine is controlled via a separate forward/astern gear  selector and throttle lever on either side of the cockpit.

Fuel lift pump / service kit


The current pump is a Delphi HFP110.


Many other pumps will fit. e.g. models widely used on Perkins & GM/Opel/Bedford diesel engines. A Web search will find them.


Be aware however, that the repair kits vary between models.


We keep a used IMSA AK007 for a spare.


There is little difference in the cost of repair kit and a new pump - logistics costs oblige!

Water pump service kit


Jabsco 1210-0001-P impeller/ gasket kit

fuelpump Pumpkit arrow arrow arrow arrow arrow arrow arrow arrow arrow arrow Fuel

Following 1995 rebuilt


Following rebuild August 2016


The engine mounting frame.

(Note the shims to provide alignment with the prop. shaft. Shimming is a very important but painful process)


Forced extraction from above alternator

arrow arrow arrow

The engine blower inlet is low down on the port side

arrow Fan white Black Blower

The Rule blower and extractor have an approximate capacity of

100 CFM (2.8 m3/min).


Installation and specifications may be found here.