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Aramis has a 45-litre cylindrical stainless steel fuel tank that spans the starboard and stern cockpit lockers.  The filler neck is rather small, so there is a large funnel to speed up the filling process.


The tank is fitted with a drainable sump below the fuel take off and breaths through a tube near the companionway.

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Fuel Tank


Part of the fuel tank seen from inside the starboard lazarette.

The breather tube

There is no fuel gauge, so we have calibrated a dipstick.  To make sure that we got it right, this is how we calculated the volume of fuel remaining.

What we need is a table that gives us the volume of fuel V against the dipstick reading h.


All we know is the diameter of the tank d and its length l.

If we consider the cross-section of the tank, we know that the volume of fuel is equal to the area of the sector A multiplied by the length l.


We need to find the area A.


This is simply the area of the segment S minus the area of the triangle T.




And now for the trigonometry:

TankmathA TankmathS TankmathT Tankmath2 calc

Click here to down load the spreadsheet implementation


At cruising speeds we average between 1.2l and 1.5l per hour, depending on the sea state and our course relative to the waves.  This gives ARAMIS a comfortable 24 hour cruising range.


The fuel filler

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