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Astilleros Gallart

The Gallart Shipyard had been building sailing boats, primarily for racing, since at least the mid 1950s.


They were responsible for producing vessels to some of the finest designs of the twentieth century, for example the Sparkman and Stephens designed Anquins Forever, a 12.3m yawl drawn in 1957 and launched by Gallart in 1962. This vessel is still racing successfully on the Mediterranean Classics circuit


In 1966 GALLART SHIPYARDS SA and ASTLER IBIZA SL merged to form a new company called ASTILLEROS REUNIDOS SA (ARESA).  Both companies had extensive experience in the construction and repair of sailing and motorboats and notably in wood construction.


Sometime in confusion of this merger, ARAMIS' keel was laid.   The constructors plaque on ARAMIS says "Gallart Mataro, 1966" whereas the plans are under the ARESA name.


It is likely that during the build, construction was moved from Mataro to Arenys de Mar a few kilometres further along the coast.


In addition to building sports sailing boats like the Cutlass and Carlson 30, the merged shipyards commercialised a range of  motor  vessels;   the C-30 G-39, G-42 and G-50. These models were built several tens of units until 1969.


During 1968, ARESA finalized an agreement for technical cooperation and trade with the prestigious Italian shipyard Cantieri Baglieto, SPA. With this new agreement, ARESA jointly initiated the development and mass production of a new model of motor yacht called the 14-Baglieto ARESA M . This model was widely sold throughout Europe and eventually discontinued in 1972.


In 1970 ARESA founded a subsidiary, the engineering company TECNARESA, which began developing a motor yacht called the ARESA 12 M. More than forty units  were built between 1971 and 1975; 20% for export


In 1972 the cooperation with Cantieri Baglietto, SPA ended, nevertheless, ARESA increased its yard to 2,000 square meters, with new buildings; a three-storey workshop, offices and a new assembly hall with overhead traveling cranes.  The new facilities supported the production of the new ARESA M15 developed by TECNARESA. With this new model ARESA achieved its greatest commercial and critical success to date. Many M15 units were produced until 1977.


Since the late seventies, ARESA has concentrated on building commercial, military and surveillance craft from 9 to 60m. It currently operates one of the largest composite moulding facilities in Europe.


gallart1960 gallart1964

ARESA circa 1966

Astilleros Gallart circa 1960.

Could this be Anquins Forever under construction?


The fine S&S designed Anquins Forever launched by Gallart in 1962 seen here racing in the 2005 Trofeo Panerai, Copa del Rey de Barcos de Epoca in Menorca.

Aramis' place of birth as it is today.

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