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ARAMIS has a rather small galley space within the main cabin consisting of a twin burner gas stove, sink and work surfaces.


The twin-sinks are on the pressurised fresh water distribution system and have the addition of a pressurised saltwater rinse.


The sinks may be covered with an infill to provide more work surface.


The stove is gimballed with pan retainers.


A Camping Gaz™ 907 2.7kg cylinder for the stove is stored in the port cockpit locker.  We normally keep a spare.  A good tip if you are touring the Med. the same size cylinders are commonly used for domestic kitchens in North Africa. Although not branded Camping Gaz™  they are 1/10 the cost!


There is more room for culinary creations on the starboard counter top - barring access to the refrigerator that lies beneath.


Cunningly, the companionway step/engine cover can be reversed to reveal a further melamine work surface.


The two burner propane stove the the DUO model made by ENO has the follwoing specification:


Output - 1.75 kW & 2.5 kW

Energy - Butane/Propane/28-30 mbar

Consumption - 309 g/h

Safety - Thermocouple

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Plenty more work space on the starboard counter

ENO Stove

ENO Duo stove


Eno Duo spares list