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ARAMIS has a resonably sized heads compartment amidships.


The mast is ideally positioned to get some "purchase" when using the heads whilst underway.


Some semblance of privacy is provided by two curtains that "seal-off" the compartment from the forepeak and main cabins.


A manual Raske & Van der Meyde RM69 toilet is fitted.


The outlet is switched to either the 50l holding tank or to the sea via a valve on the bulkhead to the right of the toilet.


The tank can either be drained to the sea via a further valve under the port forepeak bunk, or pumped through a standard deck fitting.


Frustratingly, legislation mandates fitting of a holding tank, but in Spain it does not mandate marinas to have disposal facilities.  In our travels, we rarely find pumping facilities.


I can only assume that the thousands of vessels cruising the western Med. nip 12 miles out to sea every couple of days to empty their tanks - of course ensuring that their speed is greater than 4 knots and that the discharge is slow enough so as not to leave a noticeable trace - as legislation insists.


The holding tank can be accessed from a cupboard in the main cabin.


The inspection access can be unscrewed from the cupboard, so we expect that a blockage could be cleared without removing bulkheads.


There is also an inspection trap on the outlet on the holding tank should "rodding" be required.


The tank breather vent is behind the holding tank.


See : Holding tank fitted for further information.


We originally had a carbon filter on the breather, however, we found that it restricted airflow to the point where we were getting odours from the build up of anaerobic bacteria.  The secret of an odour free installation is no standing blackwater and lots of air movement. When we leave the boat for any length of time, we find it beneficial to leave the blackwater seacock and tank empty cock open. The piston effect caused by the rocking of the boat naturally blows and sucks air through the tank and connecting pipes.


The diverting and drain valves which route the black water are made by the NewZealand company TrueDesigns.  These are of excellent quality.

The heads compartment

The overboard/tank diverting valve is here

The holding tank maintenance access

Above the toilet, is a fold-down wash basin that has tap on the pressurised fresh water distribution system.


The contents drain when the bowl is pushed up in to its folded position.

We keep an RM69 pump kit on board to avoid any inconvenience

This indicator lights when the tank is 2/3 full

THru bulkhead extension Tank empty Thru bulkhead

Diverting valve and tank drain cock.  Note the extension piece that was required for the diverting valve to pass our 18mm ply bulkhead.

Inspection trap


Tank drain

Blackwater seacock

Under port forecabin berth


Tank breather

RM69 manual toilet

(shown without the expensive teak seat option)

The wash basin in its folded down position

The seacocks for the flush water in and wash basin drain are in the main cabin under the port settee berth.

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