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Black-water Tank Fitted

To meet Spanish regulations a 50l black-water holding tank was installed in the compartment behind the heads.


This rather tight fit was achieved after stripping out the bulkhead behind the heads and constructing a suitable self to take the potentially 50kg+ tank.


Whilst this previously inaccessible compartment was open, the hull was strengthened below the waterline (see - phase 2 of hull restoration).


The freshwater filler feed had to be relocated to the starboard side to allow the holding tank pump-out and air-vent connections to be fitted.


The simple job of relocating this feed required some serious gymnastics with the freshwater holding tanks in the forepeak.

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For maintenance etc. the essentials of the tank can be accessed from what was previously a cupboard the main cabin.


The loss of this valuable hanging space is regrettable, but there is really nowhere else for the tank to go.


Major disasters will require removal of the washbasin or, at worst, removal of the bulkhead.

The mandatory 2/3 full level indicator is on the main switchboard.

Bulkhead out, shelf in.


The two electric bilge pump outlets also pass through here.

Tank in.


Note that the breather carbon filter shown here was latered removed as it caused odors.

New bulkhead.


We had to cut the old one out.

That's a relief!

The selection of tank and discharge is controlled by this valve


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Siphon break for the flush water intake is here (just out of shot)

Main seacock

Valve to empty holding tank

Siphon break for heads-out

Rigid PVC pipes to avoid odors, with inspection trap.

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