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On the starboard side and the stern, it was a different story.


We started chopping out the rot and replacing planks.


Due to the half-moon type of strip plank construction (see Phase 2) inserting planks mid-hull was not ideal.  Sadly, we had to resort to epoxy between the planks.


In fact, the whole transom should probably have been replaced, however, we worried that we would loose the form of the hull.


We decided to stabilise the rotten wood with epoxy and then add partial ribs on the inside. The transom was then re-planked internally and externally.

Hull Renovation (Phase 1)

Our first year of ownership was proving to be very "educational".


Following our demasting, due to a rigging screw failure and rotten mast (see Mast Replacement), we had to take ARAMIS out of the water for the first time.


Apart from the weed, we thought she looked in good shape.  A quick scrape, paint, antifoul and then concentrate on replacing the mast - dream on!


Once dried out, we started having a prod around.


The first worry was the discovery of several large glass fibre patches.


Above the waterline had been polyester filler skimmed and skillfuly faired.


Investigating a small impact on the transom led to the discovery that there was a large amount of glass-fibre around the stern above the waterline.


After removing some of the patches we realise that the hull was in an appalling condition in several places.


We decided to strip the hull down completely for investigation and repair.


After all, we had nothing else to do while waiting for the new mast to be made and delivered..........


Many hundreds of sanding disks later, the paint, the patches and 3mm of polyester where blowing in the wind.


We were stunned by beauty of the naked hull and now understood how ARAMIS was constructed.


It was on this day that we started thinking that it would be a shame to cover that lovely mahogany with paint.


In the picture below, viewed from the port bow she looks good.

First_out 03-03-07_1832 03-03-07_1828


Our first ever lift - at least the weather was good

Shame to cover this in paint.

Click the image for maximum beauty.

Below - after  a "short" stretch of sanding and varnishing  Looking quite respectable!


Below - the moment before realising that I should have connected the bilge pump and recharged the battery. Fountains along pretty much every seam.


It was 4 hours before we sent the crane home and four days before the flow was reduced to a weep.  We had let the hull dry out too much during this work.


I learned later from a retired shipwright that the seams should weep and then seal - not gush then weep.

A new transom deserved a new name plate.


It did not shine like this for long.

Newplate_small Oldplate_small

Here endeth phase 1 of the hull renovation.

Some of the more obvious glass fibre patches.

You can see what happend next on the phase 2 hull renovation page.


Some of the key areas that needed repairing.