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Major Renovation Including Iroko Deck

As can be seen in these pictures from circa 1993, ARAMIS is looking a bit down at heel.


You can see that original decking was painted canvas over plywood.


In 1994 the canvas was stripped and iroko planking laid and caulked with Sikaflex™.


At the same time it is likely that the following work was also carried out:

1994 (circa)

- engine and cabin deck vents replaced

- roller reefing added foresail

- Turning blocks added for foresail sheets

- Wood replaced with Perspex on fore-cabin hatch

- mainsail replaced with slab-reefing

- navigation lights moved to mast head

- ss strengthening straps added around winch mounting pillars.

- cockpit instruments added

- mast refurbished

- weather skirt added at mast base

- halyard winches added on mast

- wooden cleats on mast replaced with aluminium

- wooden rubbing strakes replaced on free-board

- pushpit, pullpit and stanchions replaced

- foredeck grab-rail replaced

- chocks and rubbing strips added for bow and stern mooring lines

- windlass added


It is at this time that ARAMIS was re-registered, hence the current 1994 registration number.


It is probable that at this time, the interior of the hull was lined with glass-fibre (yuk!)


Whilst the detail and finish on the deck was impressive, time showed several issues with the fitting of the deck:


It seems that no bedding/sealing compound was used under the planks.


The screws through into the plywood were slightly too long and showed through the cabin roof eventually leading to corrosion staining and water ingress.


The tongues on the planks were periodically side nailed with copper nails. Where salt has come in contact with these nails, the acidic copper chloride produced rotted the wood.


No barrier tape was used to prevent the Sikaflex™ from sticking to the bottom of the seams.  Flexing of the deck, particularly in the cockpit area, causes the Sikaflex to come away from the seam sides allowing water to enter.


Nevertheless, some almost 20 years on, the deck is in good condition and contributed to the patina of the vessel.

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