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Following a demasting, the mast was replaced in 2007 with a replica of the original  (see replacing broken mast).


The mast is made of Norwegian pine. It is keel stepped and is approximately 12m high. About 10m are above the coach roof.


The plans for the mast where drawn up from the broken original.

Mastdrawing_thumb Mastprofile2_thumb

Mast cross section (deck)

Detailled mast drawing

Mast cross section (head)

The masthead differs somewhat from that employed when ARAMIS was built.  Originally, there were two sheaves in the mast for the main and foresail halyards.  These had been replace, possibly in 1995, with a revised masthead with external blocks.


The old in-mast sheaves and slot.  


The very warn sheave bearings are metal on metal - possibly bronze on copper.

The new head iron  fitted in circa 1995 prior to refurbishment and shown mounted on the new mast.

Newhead2 Sheaves

We did hesitate on whether to return the head to its original configuration with modern ball bearing sheaves.  


This would have meant fabricating a new masthead iron.


We felt that the more recent system prevented water ingress in to the mast and avoided weakening the mast by cutting the mortise.


Perhaps the risk of tangles may be slightly higher with the more recent system and it is a little cramped, especially now that we have added a halyard for the gennaker.  Nevertheless we decided to stick with the external blocks.


The photos (right) show the original and current masts.


There are some 35 years between these photos.

Newhead Mastprofile1_thumb Magblue Magblue Magblue Wood

Every spring, the mast gets a coat of "Jotun Wood" a relatively soft UV stable oily coating.