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Other known Carlson 30s

According to Gallart, 10 Carlson 30s were made in Spain of which six were exported to the US.  As far as we are aware, two other vessels are (or certainly until recently were) still in existence in Spain. Maryjane, which is in Ibiza and a futher vessel in the south of Spain possibly in Motril.


These are photos of the vessels.  The dates are unknown.

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We have a photo of what appears to be the fourth Spanish flagged Carlson 30.  We believe that this vessel was moored with ARAMIS in Puerto Tomás Maestre for several years.


Details on the deck seems to indicate that it is neither ARAMIS nor either of the above two vessels.


We heard a rumor that the fourth vessel had sunk (or was rather "sunk").


It did cross our mind that when the Spanish recreational boat registration system changed in 1993/1994(?) perhaps previously unpaid taxes may have become due and hence the mystery - purely a guess though.


Sadly, we have been unable to track down any of the six US boats.


If anyone reading this has any information, we would love to know.