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When we purchased ARAMIS, there was an unrefrigerated insulated box of about 120 litres, integrated in the starboard galley counter top.


After three seasons of buying expensive ice and drinking inadequately-chilled beer, we decided to refrigerate the cold box.


Firstly, we added additional insulation where possible - Essentially between the engine compartment and cold box and the lid.


With summer cabin temperatures often above 35C this insulation was essential if our service batteries were ever to cope with the compressor.


Once installed and operating, we noticed that there was condensation at the foot of the starboard settee berth on aft side of the cold box.  We therefore decided to sacrifice 7cm or so of bunk space and add further insulation.


Due to a serendipitous hull accident (see hull damage) we gained access to the previously hidden sides of the cold box. We added 10cm more insulation and reconnected the drainpipe.


The compressor is in the starboard cockpit locker up against the bulkhead behind which sits the cold box.


To minimise noise, we have used rubber mountings.


This locker can be very hot in the summer >30C, so we selected a compressor suitable for hotter climes.


Essentially, it has a more substantial heat exchanger and vents vertically rather than horizontally like many units.


The unit is a WAECO ColdMachine 86 fitted with a VD18 evaporator.


The compressor is a SECOP (formally Danfoss) BD35F.


We have fitted an optional resistor (see BD35F instructions) to run the compressor at 3000rpm rather than the default 2000rpm.


With a box temperature of 5C and ambient of 30C the system draws approximately 5A with an 80% duty, therefore draining out house battery at a rate of 4A/h.




Box1 Box4

The recessed cold box lifting ring in the starboard counter top

With the lid open.


Note the system of boxes that make it easy to find things and optimise the use of the space.

This panel is in fact false and covering 6cm of polyfoam.

"Lucky" access to the hidden bits.

Box5 wae_cu-86_p100 wae_vd-18_p100

The compressor in the starboard lazarette

The WAECO ColdMachine 86 and VD18 evaporator.

P1060073 P1060074_small

The thermostat and indicator LED are inside the cold box.