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Throughout the 50 years that ARAMIS has been in service, much renovation, conservation, improvement and repair has been documented.  It is certain that other undocumented activities have taken place and, as with all boats, particularly those made of wood, maintenance is always an on-going and dare we say infinite process.


Following is a photo of ARAMIS on the day of purchase.  She looks perfect - such naive ignorance!


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The transom is sheathed in glass fibre behind which there is very little. In several places on the hull there are glassfibre patches hiding a multitude of sins. The mast, at the partners is rotten. This is hidden by the weather skirt. Not good, especially when you have corroded rigging screws. The 40-year old glue in the fabricated mast has dried out.  The mast sections are parting. Leaks around the seat have rotted much of the electrical wiring under this section. The windlass is jammed solid with many years of salt and sand. Several of the rigging screws  (turnbuckles) are severely corroded inside their bodies.  This will prove disasterous (i.e. expensive) The inside of the hull is lined with glass-fibre below the waterline, hiding much rot. The seams along the garboards  (and quite a few others) open once you start  heeling. Anything rubber in the engine is badley perished.  Soon we shall have an oil leak. The water-ways are blocked with scale. The pins holding the fixed plates of the wet plate clutch are cracked.  A slipping clutch and no astern is imminent. The hatch is delaminating and rotten on the edges.  It wont survive long. There are no partner blocks meaning that sailloads, rather than trying to bend the mast, where causing lateral movement. Appauling sail control and disasterous for the chainplate fixings. The sails are warn and baggy making it impossible to de-power the top of the main. Major refit (deck) 1994 Rudder replaced 1996 Sailplan changed 1994 Mast & rigging 2007 Hull phase 1 2007 Hull phase 2 2010 Frames strengthend 2009 Deck replaced 2015 Repainted white 2010 New instruments 2007 Electrics / rewiring 2007 Lee cloths 2012 Holding tank fitted 2010 Hull damage repair 2011 Engine rebuild 2016 Galley updated 2013 Water is getting under the planks and rotting the underlying ply in places. Some of the aliminium foils in the roller furling system are touching the stainless steel stay. Soon, electrolytic corrosion will cause it to seize and break.

Renovation History

1994 - present

Tiller strap replaced 2014 The stainless steel tiller strap is work hardening and will soon develop cracks