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Rigging & Sail Control

ST16 ST28

Winches  - ANDERSEN

Magblue Magblue

Service kit 16

Blocks, etc - GARHAUER Stainless Steel

25 US 4-1 25-17 US 25-19-SB SB-3 25-06 US SB-25 40-13 US 25-13 US

2x  25-13US

Masthead for foresail and gennaker halyards

30-21 SB

2x  40-13US

Turning block for foresail sheets

3x  25-06US

Cunningham, rollerfulling control line and genneker tack-line

1x  25-17US

Masthead for main halyard and topping lift

2x  25-19SB

Turning blocks for gennaker sheets

4x  30-21SB

Two at the mast foot for turning the main and foresail halyards and two on the boom end to turn the reefing lines

1x  SB25

Gennaker tack

5x  SB25

Gennaker tack line along starboard stanchions

1x  25US 4-1

4:1 main sheet


2x 25-40UAG3

Foresail track lead car


2x  SCL1

On foresail track for main preventer/vang or gennaker tweaker

Safe working loads :  

25 series     1150lb (520kg)

30 series     2400lb (1090kg)

40 series     2800lb (1270kg)

Rigging Screws (turnbuckles) & Terminations - Bluewave (terminal SS, rigging screws chromed bronze)

ANDERSEN-Logo Garhauer logo Bluewave_logo Toggle screws Eye Terminals Fork terminal Magblue Magblue Magblue

Foresail Furler - HARKEN MKIV unit 1

Harken furler MKIV 1 harken186_uk

Custom Made Parts


Cross-tree iron.  The new unit (far left) mounted in 2015 is of a much stronger construction than the original. Notably has a large washer to spread any loads. (Photo right) the original with the rest of the iron see with the olf "broken" mast.

The masthead iron seen on the new mast in 2007.  


This iron did away with the in-mast sheaves that were original on ARAMIS.

IMGP0023 (1) IMG_2054

Whisker pole ends

Pole end 1 Pole end 2

The whisker pole ends are made by Davey & Company London.

Davey logo