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ARAMIS is currently fitted with a 140% genoa on a Harken roller furler, a fully battened main with three reefing points ans a standard asymetrical for light winds at 80-155 degrees.


The main and genoa were made by Crusader in the UK using the following measurements.



Sail dimensions Magblue 20151007_113919

Crusader made up some batten cars to suit ARAMIS´ 1-inch rail by welding together two standard sail slides connecect witha stainless steel bar.

IMG_9727 20151007_113919 (1)

A standard sail-slider shown on the old mainsail


The gennaker is deployed from a sock (not quite fully hoisted in these images). Although designed for angles of 80-155 degrees.  The sail will get as close as 60 degrees if a tweaker is used to pull the clew down towards the rail.  It will also go to 170 degrees if flown high above the pull pit rail.

DSC_0060 DSC_0044