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ARAMIS has a pressurised freshwater system feeding the galley, heads and cockpit shower.


To minimise fresh water consumption a saltwater rinse is available in the galley.


Two Vetus fresh water tanks are installed in the forepeak.  We believe that these are 40 litres each.


The tanks are filled from a filler amidships starboard.  Originally, this filler was on the port side, however, to enable installation of the black-water holding tank, it was moved.


The tanks vent through a hole on the port bow.



Water_tanks Wash_basin Vent_freshwater water_pump

Fresh water pressure is provided by a Jabsco Flojet pump mounted under the port forepeak bunk and the salt water a 4l/min Shurflo pump mounted under the galley sink. Both pumps are actuated by a pressure drop from opening the respective the outlets.


The saltwater pump is protected by a filter accessible from the engine compartment.

A neat, but tight, installation under the forepeak bunks.

The galley sink outlets

The heads wash basin outlet

The cockpit shower outlet

It may have been better to have a foot pump on the galley sink to control fresh water consumption, however, there is not sufficient space without significantly modifying the cupboard under the stove.

Salt         Fresh

arrow Salt pump

Flojet and Shurflo Pumps


Saltwater pump protection filter

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